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Sep 13 2021

> This plugin was born because there was a no other real alternative to enable **content sparationd and some CMS like functionalities** in WordPress. The main goal was, to enhance WordPress’s functionalities, to hide some unwanted categories, from defined parts of the blog. > > Today, **ACE** can override your search results, your RSS feed listing, your category listing, your recent post, and recent post widgets and also your entry page, or even hide whole categories of posts from web crawlers if you want to. This is great, for **SEO** reasons, for content separation, for grouping information, and handle them as real sub pages.
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Just added this plugin to my site so I can exclude some posts from the front page. Mainly my posterous posts. This is actually a test of this setup. My plan is to exclude all uncatagorized posts from the front page. As posterous auto-posts are automatically default uncatagorized that means they won’t show up, unless I set up a category for them when I post it.
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